We use a unique blend of A.H.A. citrus crystal that gently exfoliates dry skin. Our technique of massaging the hands and arms with enriched blends of moisturizing botanicals that penetrate into the skin, leave your hands soothed and nourished. Sit back and soak your feet in a hydrating, aromatic, therapeutic feet bath treatment. Natural beach sands and a marine A.H.A. complex safely and effectively exfoliates rough, dry skin. An application of a rejuvenating, aromatic, therapeutic foot masque with hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clay + soothing botanicals completed with massages will leave your feet cool and soft for hours…relax and enjoy the ultimate spa pedicure! We invite you to try our Solace Foot Spa, an ingenious treatment which combines a Whirlpool foot spa and electronic heated massage chair. Sit back and let the music surround you as electronic hands rejuvenate tired muscles. The stress of the day drift away and in the end you emerge refreshed, looking refined and feeling great!